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Blog Holidays in Mauritius

Car Rental Mauritius

21 October, 2017 Car Rental (Mauritius) – Let’s have a quick overview of the island of Mauritius and one of the service that most people visiting Mauritius are interested in – Car Rental or Car Hire in Mauritius. Situated near the Tropic of Capricorn, Mauritius enjoys a tropical climate, with practically the same temperature all the year, with… View Article

Airport transfer or car rental?

12 May, 2017 When you decide to take a vacation in Mauritius, one of the best things to do is to opt for a destination that allows you to completely break with your daily routine. So, if you are lacking any idea for your next vacation, we offer the destination Mauritius for not only the cultural richness of… View Article

Holidays in Mauritius

19 April, 2017 Holidays are a special time when you need to cut with work and routine to relax. It is also a good time to discover new horizons and get away from it all and spend some great moments with family or friends. Thus, to know all these things, to experience all these emotions and to discover… View Article

Excursions in Mauritius

31 March, 2017 Surrounded by the sumptuous turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is an ideal destination for excursions and to discover many cultural, traditional and natural riches. The diversity of its sublime landscapes, as well as its mountainous reefs, beaches and high plateaus, make it a place that does not fail to surprise all visitors. In… View Article

Airport Transfer Service in Mauritius

23 March, 2017 For your holidays, a transfer airport Mauritius is paramount. To make you feel at ease and enjoy a pleasant ride to your place of residence during your vacation, use the airport transfer service at your hotel in Mauritius instead of taking a taxi airport. The service is highly prized by travelers often visiting the island… View Article

Rent a car in Mauritius

14 March, 2017 How to rent a car in Mauritius? To travel through Mauritius, you have the choice between taking a rental car or take the shuttle service from the airport. Mauritius is a peninsula located on the African continent off the coast of the Indian Ocean and is highly prized for its geographical position by tourists and… View Article

Car rental in Mauritius

10 March, 2017 Car hire in Mauritius: Located in the South-West of the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is a true tropical paradise. It is a destination that attracts more and more tourists every year. In Mauritius, there is no shortage of things to do or wonders to discover. To make your holiday more enjoyable and make your vacation even… View Article