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Rent Honda Fit Mauritius

Rent Honda Fit Mauritius


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Honda Fit

A bit like the original Mini, the Honda Fit is known mostly because of the versatility of its cabin. It is around this imposed canvas that the designers gave him a rather odd body. In profile, we see that the hood is almost perfectly aligned with the angle of the windshield, a presentation reminiscent of a minivan. Not particularly elegant, therefore, but this configuration nevertheless allows excellent visibility forward. The rear is much more interesting, with its lamps marrying the shape of the pillars.


On board

The Honda Fit uses the least liter per kilometer available to fuel itself. The cabin is thus surprisingly spacious considering the small footprint of the vehicle. However, if you measure more than 6 feet, the space for the front legs seems very limited, a defect exacerbated by the driving position and the very short seating of the seats. The finish is also very good, no major miss to report. Hard plastics are present, but not bad quality. The presentation is also very modern, focused on the driving position with a slight angle in navigation controls. The controls on the other hand are user-friendly, there are not a lot of buttons to push. Instead Honda focused purely on a minimalistic approach.


Under the hood

Honda focused on making a single engine for its Fit, a 1.5-liter four-cylinder direct injection engine. On paper this might obviously seem very small, but with the total weight of the car being under 1200 kg, this small engine is doing very well. In acceleration, this engine performs really good, there is also a sport-mode which allows the driver to push the Honda Fit to its limit. The CVT box only accentuates the impression of a too constant effort, but its manual mode can decrease the number of decibels on demand.