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Minivan Mauritius

Perfect for a family trip

Indeed, this is the most obvious argument. With 5, 7 or 9 seats, you can take the whole family, your children or your friends. As well as all luggage: suitcases, shopping bags, strollers etc. The habitability of this type of vehicle is one of the main reasons that lead someone to buy a minivan.

Even though these car models offer up to 9 seats, the seats are often foldable. This makes it easy to have more room in the trunk. Manufacturers want their customers to do it effortlessly and quickly. So, you can ship large volumes. In addition, these cars have small spaces of intelligent storage in the cabin.

 Minivans are quite tall and have large windshields, which gives the driver a better view of the road. It will necessarily feel safer having the feeling of dominating the other cars. This optimized visibility will give it a better comfort to drive.


The minivan is no longer this big and ugly vehicle representing for some the cliche of the large family that makes fun singles amateur sports. The manufacturers have managed to produce very aesthetic models and they are no longer out of date. Even the interior is quite modern with often dynamic dashboards and high-tech equipment.

 The latest models consume less and less fuel and there are also hybrids. Which is great for your wallet, but also for the environment. Our minivan of choice is the Nissan NV200 which is highly recommended if you are travelling to Mauritius with your whole family. If you wish to travel to the city and fear that you will not be able to park as easily, know that some minivans have parking aids to give you more confidence in the much feared niche. In addition, with the sliding rear doors, access and descent of the vehicle are less complicated.