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Holidays in Mauritius

April 19, 2017 10:25 am

Holidays are a special time when you need to cut with work and routine to relax. It is also a good time to discover new horizons and get away from it all and spend some great moments with family or friends. Thus, to know all these things, to experience all these emotions and to discover full of new things, the Mauritius Island as a destination is one of the best options. Mauritius Island is on the African coast, a lost paradise where you can discover a new culture and many sites to visit. Thus in this paradisiacal atmosphere the beautiful sandy beaches ideal for tanning will be within your reach with quality accommodation and a very exotic gastronomy. So by opting for your holiday in Mauritius, you will be given some indications to facilitate your trip and stay on the island.

Once arrived, there are a number of arrangements to take starting with the airport transfer from Mauritius, knowing the good hotels, but also how to make car rentals and traveling in the country. And for leisure, there are plenty of good plan for you and your family.

Why spend your holidays in Mauritius?

To spend a great holiday, the destination Mauritius is the best choice you can make. Indeed by going to Mauritius, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the beaches very clean and well secured to relax and sunbathe. But that’s not all! There is also the possibility of discovering the mountains of this country with a fairy-like landscape that calls for calm and rest. Mauritius is also the pleasure boats to escape off the sea and spend unforgettable moments alone or with family. In addition, there are camps and tourist villages that can be discovered and constantly in contact with this culture straddling the African and Indian Negro practices with a small British accent. Mauritian gastronomy is also worth a visit. It is shared between seafood and fish and meat cooked specifically in Mauritius. In addition, the Mauritian culture is very rich and varied, with captivating music and the possibility of concerts under the stars to let off steam and evacuate its stress.

Mauritius Car Rental

To move easily in the Mauritian capital and neighboring provinces and visit many sights, there is no better than a car of excellent quality. Finding a car is very easy matter depending on your needs and requirements. So, with the different car hire companies you can have a car that you can drive yourself. But this option is subject to a number of very drastic rules to ensure your safety and that of the country. So in many cases you will be accompanied by a professional driver who knows the country. In addition, if you want to make small trips to the city to visit the various tourist places or go to the restaurant, or to the museum you can also enjoy the car rentals. That said, you will find at the car rental agencies different types and models of car for your excursions or your night outings. If you also want an air-conditioned car there is also the possibility of having them even though most are now with all the basic options including air conditioning. It is good that car rentals in Mauritius do not require much paperwork for acquisition with cars equipped with GPS to facilitate your driving and your trips. So in terms of rates, they are very affordable and vary according to the agencies but overall they are very accessible. Billing is based on the number of days or destinations you want to rally. Moreover if you move with your family and with a baby there is also the possibility of renting a car with baby seat enhances very comfortable. The insurance is also guaranteed by the agencies with the possibility of renting your car in advance and that it is waiting for you at the airport.

Hotels in Mauritius

Accommodation is something you have to consider when choosing this destination. So once there, you will not be disappointed by the quality of the accommodation that is outstanding. Going in this direction, according to your needs and your means, you will find a hotel that is suitable for you to put your business there. That said, among the different types of hotels, there are five-star hotels that offer extraordinary luxury and are found in many parts of the country. It is possible to make your reservations in advance and enjoy the comfortable suites with quality service to relax and rest well. In addition, there are also three-star hotels scattered throughout the island, villas and other types of accommodation.

Recreation on the Island

Once in Mauritius there are plenty of paradisiacal places to visit to enrich your traveler’s catalog. As an outing or excursion, there is the valley of the colors where one discovers a fauna and a flora that exists only on this island. Thus, there are waterfalls, but also a wide variety of animal and plant species. Next to the valley of colors in the south of the island, there is also the museum of photography to discover the first photo of the island but also the history of the cameras. The Aquarium of Mauritius as well as the Rum distillery of Charamel is also places to discover. Moreover, you will not be disconnected from the rest of the world with financial services that ensures the exchange of your quotes and the transfer of background without forgetting the mobile operators with a very powerful network.