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Rent Nissan Almera Mauritius

Rent Nissan Almera Mauritius


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Nissan Almera


With its redesigned exterior design, a spacious cabin, interior comfort and powerful air conditioning, every trip opens the door to new chances and occasions for you and your loved ones.


The Nissan Almera is anything but a modest car. Its sleek styling and elegant curves are highlighted by silver accents, stylish boomerang headlights, an elegant rear spoiler and alloy wheels which make the Nissan Almera a real asset. Its sleek design is not only pleasant to look at, but also aerodynamic, ensuing the car for better performance, improved fuel economy and silent driving.


Although its length and width are at the median, it is 1.50 meters high and a long wheelbase of 2.6 meters. This size advantage not only makes the sedan easy to drive but also increases the interior space.


The Nissan Almera will take you to your destination in no time. Although it looks like a huge car within, it still offers effectiveness like a usual sedan. In terms of performance and excellent fuel economy, the Nissan Almera is the best choice for those looking for value for money. With its extensive look and sport’ish and refined style, the Nissan Almera puts you in charge. Designed for reliability and space, it’s the ultimate combination of style and functionality.


Thanks to engineering and intelligent technology, the Nissan Almera makes reversing easy thanks to rear parking sensors that ensure that even the tightest parking spaces will not become a precision exercise. If you wish to travel in Mauritius we recommend the Nissan Almera as it should fit perfectly your expectations. The size of the Nissan Almera is suitable if you wish to travel anywhere in Mauritius with your family. Book this car and visit all the beautiful beaches on this heavenly island during the day and visit the night-life in grand baie.