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Van Mauritius

Rent a van for a weekend or an extended trip is to ensure total freedom. No need to find a camping spot and have to sleep in an uncomfortable sleeping bag. The van can be installed anywhere. Some brands, such as the Volkswagen California, have plenty of storage space and innovative accessories to ensure optimal comfort.

If you are traveling with others, renting a 7, 8 or 9-seater vehicle may be useful. More and more spacious and flexible, these cars promise great adventures on the roads. A large 7-seater van offers you a larger volume of cargo and will be appreciated by large families. Finally, 9-seater vans will accompany all your road-trips with friends! Indeed, their large volume offers a particularly good comfort over long distances and the nine seats will not be too much to go with all your friends, thus ensuring many laughs throughout the trip.



Having a van is a guarantee of never missing space or volume. The van is a one-piece vehicle made up of a single space, dedicated to the transport of people as well as the transport of goods. Indeed, many models offer retractable seats, or even removable. The available volume is then often sufficient for individual uses. Not only do they offer significant weight for a featherweight, but their consumption is also lower than that of a pickup, and their power gives them optimal ergonomics.

 For gardening and domestic work, the van rental makes it easy to transport large quantities of materials on an ad hoc basis. And for travel, it is the ideal means of transportation. Being able to contain a large family, it is often the privileged car for holidays. In fact, in addition to people, it can hold a large amount of luggage and all the necessary equipment for a family vacation in comfort.