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City Cars Mauritius

If you are planning to drive mainly in the city, you need a compact and practical car. There are quite a few interesting spots in the Mauritius which are located in some busy towns such as Port Louis and Grand baie. Therefore, a city is highly recommended for you trips around the island.

Thanks to its limited size and reduced turning radius, a city car travels more fluidly in traffic. It is also easier to park because a small parking space is enough to leave your car. Since most vehicles have power steering, parking becomes a breeze.

Despite their compact size, many city cars offer a large interior space. The presence of five seats is almost always the rule, and the trunk can hold several pieces of luggage. The fold-down rear seat is an additional asset, which makes it easy, for example, to transport large items. There are even different models with 5 doors, which simplifies access to the back seat.

A city car requires only a small engine to get around the city or the surrounding area. A small cubic capacity also guarantees low fuel consumption and low CO2 emissions. This obviously involves lower user fees and cleaner driving. We must not think that reduced dimensions = reduced ability. The time of small Spartan cars is over. The manufacturers have all planted to make the interior of these cars comfortable to the maximum.


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