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. Floreal (Model ship factory)

. Trou Aux Cerfs ( Dormant Volcano)

. Grand Bassin : Ganga Talao (Temples)

. Bois Cheri plantation (tea factory, tea museum)

. La Vanille Crocodile Park

. Gris Gris (beach)

. La Roche qui pleure (lamenting rock)

Floreal (shopping)

You start your day with shopping at the many outlet stores of Floreal. We find there many shops, outlet stores and you can buy souvenirs. You will visit local artisan workshops, such as wool factory, a workshop model ships, a diamond-cutting workshop and more.

Maquette de bateau

Trou Aux Cerfs

Trou aux Cerfs is an extinct volcano in the middle of the central plateau overlooking the small town of Curepipe. It is an old volcanic crater 300 meters in diameter and 80 meters deep. The crater is filled by a small lake and features lush vegetation consisting of tall pines and other species of tropical plants. This crater offers excellent views to all surrounding areas. The road, which encircles the crater of Trou aux Cerfs, has become the favorite place for lovers of jogging.

trou aux cerfs

Grand Bassin

Grand Bassin is a lake that occupies the crater of a volcano, located in the district of Savanne 550 meters above the level of the sea. It is a place worshiped by the Hindu population of the island. According to legend Lord Shiva leaves fall from Ganges water in the extinct crater, which was transformed into a lake. Today it is a important place of pilgrimage, which every year attracts more than 300,000 people – they come walk the whole island! – To attend the Maha Shivaratree festival.

Grand Bassin 1

Bois Chéri plantation (tea factory, tea museum)

The Domaine Le Bois Chéri is among the top producers of Tea in Mauritius. At the factory of Bois Cheri tea is synonymous with love and Mauritians dedicate a passion for this label. During a site visit, we are left so intoxicated by its exotic scents. Bois Chéri is a tea factory and museum. The tea museum is to focus on the specifics of this culture in the history of Mauritius. Our guides will be pleased to show and explain the different stages of production. A tasting of products from the range of Bois Cheri tea is offered in a panoramic cottage.

Usine Bois Cheri

La Vanille Crocodile Park

Nestled in Rivière des Anguilles in the South of Mauritius, La Vanille Nature Reserve of Mauritius or the Vanilla Crocodile Park features obediently on its flanks, however wild since 1984. Its purpose is to safeguard the remaining forests in Mauritius. This park offers pleasant hiking trails that you can discover by yourself. But you can also book a guide and so opt for a guided tour. All hikers have the opportunity to see a magnificent and rich green landscape.

La vanille crocodile park

Gris-Gris and la Roche Qui Pleure

The Gris-Gris beach continues to inspire visitors leaving the imagination wander at the mercy of the sea winds. The absence of coral reef leaves the crashing waves to the coast before the elements come together in an explosion of colors, water spurting bouquets and a dizzying crash. The strength and the sound of waves hitting the cliffs in a deafening crash offering a magnificent natural spectacle.

Following a path along the cliff, you can admire this rare gem that has been shaped by nature, La Roche Qui Pleure. The waves explode the colors of the whole range of blues. That does not mean much, but it’s beautiful.


The price does not include site visit and lunch.

The price divided into 4 units.

If the customer lives in the North:

1 – 4 persons: 90 Euro

If the customer lives in the South:

1 – 4 persons: 70 Euro

If the customer lives in the East:

1 – 4 persons: 90 Euro

If the customer lives in the West:

1 – 4 persons: 65 Euro