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The South-East

The South-East

. Mahebourg National History Museum

. Excursion on l’île aux aigrettes (On Reservation)

. Blue Bay (Marine Park & beach)

Mahebourg National History Museum

The National Museum of History located in Mahebourg 6 kilometers from the airport traces the history of colonization of Mauritius by the Dutch, French and English until the late 19th century. Naval Museum is an ancient castle built in 1760 by Jean de Roubillard who was at the time commander of the district of Grand Port. He died in 1809 and in 1947 the government bought ‘La maison de Roubillard’ before handing it to the ‘Mauritius Institute’ to convert it into a historical museum.

You can also enjoy at your arrival from the shade provided by the large trees that line the road that leads from the gate at the entrance of the house. The Naval Museum preserves a collection of relics recovered from shipwrecks, reminiscent of the violent sea battles that took place in the area that saw the first French naval victory over the British.

This is an outlet that allows you to discover or rediscover the history of Mauritius through objects.

 mahebourg museum

L’ile Aux Aigrettes

Ile aux Aigrettes is a small coral island (25 hectares) located off the coasts from the city of Mahebourg. You can go visit the ile Aux Aigrettes in Mahébourg, by embarking on a boat. The reserve is home to species of plants and endemic animals of interest for botany community worldwide. Some of the plants found in Ile aux Aigrettes grow nowhere else in the world and are the last vestige of a coastal forest that once surrounded much of Mauritius.

The Mauritian Wildlife Foundation members offer daily guided tours of the island in order to introduce and educate visitors while contributing to environmental protection.


Blue Bay (Marine Park & beach)

Blue Bay Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of Mauritius. The Blue Bay Marine Park is considered one of the most beautiful sites in the world. If there is a marine site to visit when you come to the island, it is indisputable that the Marine Park occupies this privileged position. His visit is a must for any lover eager to discover the fauna and underwater flora of Mauritius. You will see tropical fish in shades of sensational colors less than 5 meters deep.

Blue Bay Marine Park

Prices exclude boat fees, site visits and meals.

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If the customer lives in the North:

1 – 4 persons: 75 Euro

If the customer lives in the South:

1 – 4 persons: 80 Euro

If the customer lives in the East:

1 – 4 persons: 75 Euro

If the customer lives in the West:

1 – 4 persons: 75 Euro